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If I am pregnant, then I will kill it,"  her matter-of-fact tone barely masked the rising tide of concern surging through her mind, as it sought to comprehend the powerful mixed messages with which it was being assaulted.
Making matters worse, everything Talking Stone said, appeared to compound her confusion. It was clear he loved Sigh Ohyea without reservation. He’d been unable to account for the powerful sense of connection he’d experienced from their first encounter. In bed, he’d experienced their love-making as virginal and full, despite the wealth of previous sexual encounters to which he had to admit.
  At a three day forest rave party they had attended shortly before the Rainbow Gathering, they’d been woken by insistent, thumping music, a few hours before dawn.
He lightly shook Sigh Ohyea, whispering, "I haven't said anything like this to a woman for years, not since before the birth of my daughter Africa. You know, I’d happily have a baby with you". Talking Stone cuddled on her back, his arm reaching over, his hand cupping her firm breast, nipple caught between the second and third fingers, swollen.
He could still smell the scent of her snail-trail that clung to his beard from their earlier love-making, during which they seemed to dissolve, becoming one, in some amazing cosmic union.


"I’m sorry, she’s been one of my companions for months, and you've been sharing this space, unaware of her presence for several weeks. She traps flies and other small creatures, and that spot above the window is her home. She does no harm, so you'll just have to get used to her. If you really want to live in this country you’re going to have to make friends with all sorts of critters, even accepting some capable of causing extreme discomfort", he warned.
"You want to live in Australia because there's a bit more unspoiled nature here, and you’ve talked about the problems of European crowding and the loss of nature and how it needs to be fixed. You seem to comprehend the situation well enough, but unless you understand ideas in action, they’ll remain intellectual trinkets, less useful than beads were to the Indians.
If we kill all the things we’re afraid of, we’ll just keep recreating the problems from Europe in Australia ad infinitum. We’ve already gone far enough down that road because of the thoughtlessness of our fore-bearers, not to mention the millions who still greedily seek to make their fortunes without regard for other species needs. Where I can maintain or enhance the conditions supporting many of the nonhuman species, I will, and where not, I’ll at least try to make friends with those already there."
If Sigh Ohyea had been unaware of the depth of feeling Talking Stone maintained concerning these matters, her ignorance of his commitment to species rights was soon to get a full blasting. Sigh Ohyea knew he was right, but her fear still outweighed her understanding. "If it comes anywhere near me, then I'll kill it," she threatened.


I understand that each of us, every element of life is constituted by light. We are in fact light beings, each a differing reflection as the light finds confluence in that place, space and time. To become truly healthy requires each of us to be true to our own spirit, and in full awareness embodying the light in the most harmonious way possible. Each of us has a shadow side. When we make it wrong or try to push it away, it naturally seeks to overwhelm the counter-force.
An alien is a friend to be made, and disease is a condition to be nurtured in a manner that restores the inner ecosystem to balance. Seeing and recognizing our diseased states, requires that we dream a dream of health into which the organism can grow. Without the dream there is no blueprint. Love as enacted caring is the fuel that nurtures the being, allowing it to grow into the embodiment of the dream, whether human, animal, plant, insect or the earth itself, and it arises from the same birth place as song.
Ultimately, the correct reading of life's light, results in right relationship. Right relationship may necessarily be an avoidance relationship, or can be circumspect or occasional, or fully integrative. For each element it’s different. It’s not about the elimination of one form in favor of another, for that precludes the possibility of a balanced state. It is about finding one's right place in the light. What creates disease in one, may create health and well-being for another.
Human has function in the overall interconnected web of life, for human alone has the gift of conscious overview. That gift was never intended for us to have dominion over, rather the gift was to act in accord for the overall well-being of all of life's elements, to sing up the conditions and dream a dream large enough for all of life’s creatures to grow into.


There was a hushed silence as the four emotion charged young faces, tears cutting channels through their grime covered cheeks, walked into the hushed circle, stopping for a few moments to look into one another's eyes before separating, positioning themselves at the four directions, facing inwards around the sacred fire.
One of the young women, with shoulder-length black hair, began an unfamiliar chant in a low voice. The circles were abnormally quiet as everyone strained to listen. Her voice was faltering, thick with intensity of feeling. Somewhere, from a place deep within, she found the determination necessary to push through three repetitions of the incantation before abruptly stopping. There was complete silence.
Facing the most intense moment in her life, she looked longingly into the orange licking flames of the central fire. This was the abyss into which she must leap; the cleansing, healing fire of transformation. Death to the ego. Suddenly she flung her outstretched arms towards the heavens.
"Aiyee, aiyee, aiyee!" The depth of her screams tore through veils of comfort and conformity like a scorching fire, burning mercilessly to the core of all their beings. Suddenly she was drained. Frightened and terribly alone, she began to remove her clothes, at first slowly, but then with a tearing ferocity.


         "You remember that one question you ask me. Soon after you leave that one place, we get him television. All them old mens and womens, they talk about that question many month, long time, maybe one year, maybe two. Same time, we bin look in television. When we look that one television, him made no sense. Every one mob, killin his self for idea. Everybody fight for word, people idea. Not lookin at that one big life.
We see in that one television, two sorta people there. Lotta people livin male side, they live with lotta word and make lotta thing; always doin, never bein. Maybe dunno how to be, they afraid to listen to life song. They live with boss man in their head; do what they told to make that money. They got little dreams for self, each thinkin separate from other, separate from plant and animal.
Then on that screen there, that picture show dark skin mobs, all around world, workin one big women lore circle, makin one big life dream, but they only little mob. They not make much thing, just caretakin the life. This mob slowly dying out, like lotta plant and animal, theys not got much big I,  thems just got little I, ‘cause they know thems big and little critters all finish up if they grow big I. Little I, biggest song for life.
Be, do; silence, sound; male, female; together make one proper dance.
No winner and loser, ‘cause then everyone loser. Time to make him female pathway circle around that one big male mountain, politic need be same like life, male and female same strong, then we make baby, New Dreaming.
That white-fellah politic, him only work on logic and reason side, forgetin ‘bout feelin, intuition. When people only work logic, they only work half in formation. Not possible to make him right decision with only half in formation. Maybe thing look good first, but slowly, slowly, make him lotta problem. That in formation, he live in all the life, not just in that little bit some people want".


Are there more questions? No, all right, I have one of my own.
Why is it that four of the five uniformed police at the rear carry no insignia denoting rank and number?"
The camera crews again swiveled their cameras to zoom in on the men’s uniforms.
"Have you guys got search warrants, or are they unnecessary encumbrances in your line of work?" Talking Stone decided to take a risk based on a hunch, and then further emboldened by the lack of answer and the swelling number of spectators behind the police, he continued on the offensive.
"Please answer. Do you have a search warrant, and if so please produce it?" The tension began to mount as the police remained silent, unable or unwilling to meet the challenge. Spectators began to surge forward, booing and hissing.
"Give the police space, I haven't finished. It’s clear that though here under orders from above, you’re all here on an illegal fishing trip. Without the search warrant, I must ask you to leave, withdrawing all your people. You’re on private land without authority, and each of you is in breach of the law without numbers and insignia.
On return to your base, or where-ever your forces are detaining Ahmed, the young Palestinian who has beien illegally detained, along with any others, of whom I may not be aware, I demand their immediate release", he continued his push for justice.
The police were hemmed in between the crowd of spectators and media, and although largely quiet, some of the spectators continued to throw taunts.
"Please be quiet! I don't wish that we reflect the same discourtesy the police have shown us”, he called as the TV crews continued recording the event.
“Again, I must ask you, the police, who’re supposedly representatives of law and order, to please produce search warrants immediately or leave the property. If you fail to do so, I will be forced to bring charges of attempting to incite a riot against you, as your presence under the circumstances can only be construed as a brazen provocation”.
The impassive faces of the police changed to undisguised anger and frustration as they found themselves trapped in their own illegal operation. The charge officer was visibly agitated as he first spoke to his sub-ordinates. Then using his radio, called on all his support crews and ancilliary agencies to leave the property and release the detainees and return materials taken.
Talking Stone moved closer to the police. "You know, I really feel sorry for you guys. Yours are the visible faces of illegal police activities that are determined by higher authorities. You’re surely here under orders. I wonder if their heads will roll, or will you be the fall guys who face demotion or get shunted sideways?"
"Fuck off, ya little cunt", snarled one of the younger officers, unable to contain his anger.
"Shut up. He's right. Let's go", the commanding officer hissed, calling his colleagues to join him as he turned on his heel to depart.